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MySmile Superior Whitening provides a professional and safe procedure that is unlike any other whitening product on the market. In comparison to many other topical processes and remedies that only cover up an individuals enamel stain, the MySmile in-office whitening system utilizes advanced blue light technology that safely opens the pores of the enamel to gently remove and lighten the stain from within. Remarkable  and dramatic same day results that can make an immediate difference in the individuals overall smile and appearance. This innovative process is clinically proven to last up to 8x longer than any other whitening remedy currently available. The MySmile system is the only go to process that proves simple, safe, effective and affordable!


5135 West Alabama Street Houston, Texas 77056
29.737937470935766 -95.46342296878663 /images/map_markers/group_1.png
  • 713-622-1077

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