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Mobility Projects

January 19, 2011

San Felipe Widening

San Felipe WideningOne of our signature thoroughfares, San Felipe was reconstructed from Yorktown to Sage with 20,000 tons of 10-inch reinforced concrete.  In addition, a westbound lane was added to allow for three lanes of traffic in both directions, increasing capacity on San Felipe by 50 percent. Crews also added a second left-hand turn lane on the southbound West Loop feeder at San Felipe and a new traffic signal at Hallmark Drive. Other notable improvements included:

  • 50 electric poles were removed and 2,300 feet of power lines was installed underground
  • 16,000 square feet of medians were built and landscaped with flowers and trees
  • 3,000 linear feet of water line was installed below ground
  • Included all types of pipes from 2” to as big as 36”
  • 4,000 linear feet of storm sewer was installed below ground
  • Installed everything from a 24” diameter reinforced concrete pipe to a dual 8’x12’ reinforced concrete box
  • 7,000 feet of sidewalks were widened to six feet and lined with 123 pedestrian lights and countdown crosswalk signals at intersections

Originally a historic trail leading to the Austin colonies, San Felipe continues to be a prominent link to corporate headquarters, prestigious neighborhoods and high-end retail.  Today, as an oak-lined parkway accented with pedestrian lighting and landscaping, San Felipe serves as a gateway into Uptown.