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Mobility Projects

March 14, 2011

District-Wide Pedestrian Improvements

Pedestrian ImprovementsDriving around Uptown Houston, you might have started to notice new lights, sidewalks and trees lining many of the streets. The Uptown Houston District is in the midst of a pedestrian improvement program which will add over 700 pedestrian lights, new wider sidewalks and lush green landscaping to every street in Uptown. As more and more people come to Uptown to live, work and shop, it is vital that our streets are well lit and safe for pedestrians.

Progress has been strong and steady with many streets already complete including San Felipe, Garretson, Ambassador Way, Uptown Park Boulevard, McCue, Post Oak Lane, and most recently Westheimer. All pedestrian improvements are expected to be completed in 2012. Next time you’re in the area, consider walking around and take advantage of our new and improved pedestrian roadways.