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June 1, 2010

Uptown Goes Green

BioswalesThe reconstruction of San Felipe gave the Uptown Houston District a unique opportunity to not only improve and beautify one of Houston’s busiest streets, but also to help the environment. For years, a ditch has existed on San Felipe between Sage and Post Oak Lane that held sometimes dirty runoff water which would flow directly into the bayou.  Instead of leaving the ditch as it was, Uptown Houston converted the ditch into an environmentally beneficial “bioswale.”

What is a bioswale?  Bioswales are landscape elements designed to remove pollution from surface runoff water. They consist of a drainage course that is filled with vegetation that holds the runoff water and aids in the trapping of pollutants and silt. Once the water is treated, it is filtered into Buffalo Bayou.

The new San Felipe bioswale is directly behind the new bus shelter on San Felipe just east of Sage. Check out our environmental beauty next time you’re in the area!