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About Uptown

Traffic Management

Uptown Traffic Management

monitorsRecognizing that mobility is crucial to economic preservation and growth, Uptown Houston developed a comprehensive plan to further improve accessibility in and around the area and address increasing traffic volumes and changing traffic patterns.

Traffic Management is a critical component in the daily operation of Uptown. To ensure that traffic is flowing freely in the area, Uptown takes a number of measures each day.

One important component of the plan is a real-time video traffic surveillance system and incident management plan. This plan monitors critical intersections and thoroughfares and enables officers to respond to traffic incidents quickly and effectively.

Utilizing Closed-Circuit Television cameras (CCTV), monitored in Uptown's central command center, traffic incidents can be managed in real-time by communicating with traffic management personnel on the street.

Patrol Vehicle

During the high-volume traffic hours, traffic management officers patrol the Uptown area. Their role is to be mindful of traffic flow within Uptown and take action when an incident impedes area mobility and accessibility.

The traffic management patrol vehicle is equipped with extra gasoline to assist commuters who run out of gas, the necessary tools to change a flat tire and a “Buddy Bumper,” which can be used to gently push cars out of traffic in the event of a break down.