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Recently Completed Projects

Recently Completed Mobility Projects

Post Oak Boulevard Repairs Underway

Post Oak Boulevard has undergone much wear and tear over the past few decades, leaving many parts of the street in a bad state. Uptown Houston will repair the deteriorated portions of the Boulevard between Richmond and the West Loop.

The project began on May 1, on Phase I of the project, just south of Hidalgo to Fairview. Pavement repairs will require the closure of two lanes during construction. The work will be conducted at night from 6:30 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. to help mitigate traffic congestion during peak times. During the work day, two lanes will remain open for traffic. Phase I has been completed and crews are currently working on Post Oak Boulevard near Westheimer.  The entire project will be complete by November 2011.

District-Wide Pedestrian Improvements

Pedestrian ImprovementsDriving around Uptown Houston, you may have noticed new lights, sidewalks and trees lining many of the streets. The Uptown Houston District is in the midst of a pedestrian improvement program which will add over 1,200 pedestrian lights, new wider sidewalks and lush green landscaping to every street in Uptown. As more and more people come to Uptown to live, work and shop, it is vital that our streets are beautiful, safe and convenient for pedestrians.

Implementation of pedestrian improvements have been completed along San Felipe, Garretson, Ambassador Way, Uptown Park Boulevard, McCue, Post Oak Lane, and most recently Westheimer. All pedestrian improvements are expected to be completed in 2012. Next time you’re in the area, consider walking around and take advantage of our new and improved pedestrian environment.

San Felipe

San Felipe WideningOne of our signature thoroughfares, San Felipe was reconstructed from Yorktown to the West Loop with 20,000 tons of 10-inch reinforced concrete.  In addition, a westbound lane was added to allow for three lanes of traffic in both directions, increasing capacity on San Felipe by 50 percent. Crews also added a second left-hand turn lane on the southbound West Loop feeder at San Felipe and a new traffic signal at Hallmark Drive.

Originally a historic trail leading to the Austin colonies, San Felipe continues to be a prominent link to corporate headquarters, prestigious neighborhoods and high-end retail.  Today, as an oak-lined parkway accented with pedestrian lighting and landscaping, San Felipe serves as a gateway into Uptown. 

Ambassador Way

The reconstruction of this street, with new pavement, wider sidewalks, pedestrian lighting and landscaping, connects Post Oak Lane and Skylark to San Felipe.


Post Oak Lane / Skylark

SkylarkNew road dubbed the “missing link,” runs north and south connecting San Felipe to Ambassador Way. This new street allows commuters to get from the Galleria / Westheimer to Woodway without ever driving on Westheimer, Post Oak Boulevard or San Felipe.