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The Boulevard Project

Post Oak Boulevard

The Challenge

Uptown Houston is a leading economic driver of the City of Houston and the largest business center in the nation outside of a traditional  downtown. The greatest challenge facing Uptown is the lack of effective commuter transit service. Uptown’s 80,000 employees simply have no commuter transit options, and the lack of service is a detriment to the growth of this highly successful area.

Houston has an excellent commuter bus service on its comprehensive HOV network. This network effectively penetrates the heart of the suburban communities in which most of Uptown’s employees live.

The Plan

Uptown Houston has a plan, the Uptown Dedicated Bus Lanes Project, which is designed to get these employees to and from work using Houston’s highly successful busway system.

Uptown Houston proposes to rebuild Post Oak Boulevard into an exquisitely designed Grand Boulevard while preserving existing automobile access, substantially improving transit service and creating a beautifully landscaped pedestrian environment.

Post Oak Boulevard Dedicated Bus Lanes:

West Loop Dedicated Bus Lanes

Meetings Regarding the Project: