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About Uptown


Uptown Houston TIRZ/UDA

Uptown Houston TIRZ (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #16)
Uptown Houston Development Authority (UDA)

Uptown TIRZ The Uptown Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) and the Uptown Development Authority were created in 1999 to address the challenges of growth and mobility in the Uptown area. The Uptown TIRZ developed a plan which addresses the following:

  • Mitigates Traffic Congestion
  • Encourages New Development
  • Grows the Area’s Tax Base

San Felipe constructionThis plan includes $235 million for mobility improvements during its 30-year life.  The Uptown TIRZ is also projected to encourage more than $1.1 billion in new development and to generate $341 million in new tax revenue for the City of Houston and METRO.

The Uptown Development Authority is a non-profit, local government corporation created to act as a funding and contracting conduit for the Uptown TIRZ.  The Development Authority acts on behalf of the TIRZ in issuing bonds, letting contracts, and hiring consultants in connection with various TIRZ Projects.  

Numerous road construction projects in Uptown are complete and have made a significant improvement to mobility in the area. Today, many of our streets are beautiful free-flowing roadways and gateways into and out of Uptown, and the best is yet to come. These road improvements are all made possible by the Uptown TIRZ and the Uptown Development Authority.